My Object is

Visitor Guide

My Object is a visitor guide with object profiles, location maps, code input, photos, and audio guide function.

Object Chat

With the object chats, you playfully introduce your users to more in-depth topics, open up subjective perspectives, or address ambivalences. In the interaction with the object, the users are emotionally involved and stimulated to reflect.


With My Object, evaluation questions can be embedded in the object chats. The exhibits ask questions in conversation with the users, whose answers you can evaluate systematically.


Use our object chats for inreach and outreach projects with diverse communities! Our framework is perfect for making diverse perspectives visible and encourages creativity among participants.

AI Image Recognition

Our automatic image recognition makes it even easier for your users to find information about the objects they are interested in. They simply take a picture of any object and our artificial intelligence guides them to the corresponding object profile.

Empowerment Package

Digital tools are expensive. With our Empowerment Package, we enable museums with smaller budgets to produce their own content. This way, we reduce the costs for your guide and, by the way, your team develops even more expertise in digital tools.

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Benefit from our connections in research!

We work closely with - a research and development platform at Humboldt University in Berlin that conducts research on games as a cultural technique.


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With My Object, you´re holding a modern, digital educational offer in your hands that uses gamification elements to generate long-term motivation, meets contemporary usability expectations and is fun.


Gain new visitors and retain them in the long term. The survey results among our users speak for themselves.


Everyone talks about digitalisation, but what is it actually? The participatory process of content creation generates an intensive understanding of the potential of digital tools from day one and contributes to the positive development of your organisation.


We host My Object on German servers operated with green electicity by dogado GmbH.


In addition, our pre-download keeps the data transfer in the app as low as possible and thus saves resources.


To find out more about our digital sustainability efforts, contact us!

Make long-term use of your investment in My Object by simply rearranging or expanding the content in the app and thus always keeping it up to date!


You do not need any digital infrastructure, as My Object runs autonomously on your visitors' smartphones.


With sciencely, we succeed in building a playful bridge between science and society. The realisation that science, for all its seriousness, can also be fun and is relevant to everyone’s everyday life opens the door to people who have perhaps never seen a university from the inside. With sciencely, we have the opportunity to engage in a multi-directional dialogue on important social and scientific issues in a new, fast and low-threshold way.

Birgit Mangelsdorf 

Head of the Communication, Marketing and Event Management Department at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

With My Object // Ping!, the Badisches Landesmuseum has made a great leap into the (digital) future. The process was a lot of fun for our staff and the citizens involved and the result is fantastic. The dialogues with the exhibits are sometimes very funny, sometimes very touching – but always entertaining and exciting.


Prof. Dr. Eckart Köhne 

Director of the Badisches Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe

The “My Object” app is an enrichment for our museum on many levels! Through the personal conversation with the exhibits, users learn exciting details and anecdotes about the cultural history of technology in a playful way. The digital dialogue can take place before, during or after the museum visit. The knowledge about which objects are “dated” particularly often is also helpful for us. We can use it to develop new exhibitions to optimise them for the target groups.


Joachim Breuninger

Director and Chairman of the Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

For many people, dating apps are part of everyday life, so why not try applying that in the hallowed halls of a museum? Of course, it’s also about breaking down barriers: Removing the fear of museum spaces and the fear of high art through new technologies.


Prof. Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek

Junior Professor in Art History University of Greifswald

The app is the result of a joint seminar of the Bode Museum and the University of Greifswald.


Personal reference

96% could find a more personal connection to the objects in museums.



89% had fun using the app.



82% will still deal with the objects from home.



85% are motivated to continue playing.

* The data collection was carried out on the occasion of a scientific thesis. Number of test persons: 27.


How much does it cost?

We offer you different packages, depending on the resources you want to bring in.


If you have the capacity within your organisation for the various necessary steps, we enable a comparatively inexpensive creation with our Empowerment Package. Apart from the initial workshops, you will then only incur costs for hosting and maintenance.


On the other hand, if you do not have the capacity yourself, our interdisciplinary team can take over all the tasks. You have the final editing and thus control over the final result.

How is the content created?

The chats can be written in a participatory process with local and international communities, staff or other experts.


The content creation tool Chatbuilder, which we developed, helps the authors to create the content in such a way that it can be used for the app.


The essential expertise on a dramaturgical, content-related and technical level can be built up across departments and at a low level in workshops or with our Empowerment Package. We can accompany you in these editorial writing processes with varying degrees of intensity or take over the content creation completely.

What are the advantages over other visitor guides?

With My Object, your visitors no longer have to choose between an informative guide and an entertaining educational app - they get both at the same time!

Your cultural offer is individualized on the basis of the personal profile and the personal decisions of the users have real consequences.

What if we don't need all features?

The two modes of the visitor guide and the object chat can be used completely independently of each other. It is also possible to store a chat and/or audio file only for certain objects. The evaluation tool can currently only be used in conjunction with an object chat.

My object was developed on behalf of the Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berliner Schloss by Humboldt Innovation GmbH, Thomas Lilge, Christian Stein as part of the joint project museum4punkt0 funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and further developed in cooperation with the Badisches Landesmuseum as part of the Creative Collections project.